Thursday, September 15, 2011

My First Letter to the State of New Jersey

In response to the following travesty reported on  abc and "" I wrote my first gripe to the governor:

Dear Governor Christie,

I would like to start by saying that I am a very large supporter of yours.  So much so that your election was the first election since college that I volunteered in.  That being said, I guess it is fitting that the first person I got involved in campaigning for, will be the first elected official I write to. 

I am writing to you because as a young, professional, Italian American, whose parents took him to the Jersey shore every year as a child, and who has rented shore houses in Belmar for the last 3 years, I am horrified by the stereotype that this show gives to me, my friends and family. 

Clearly, the state of New Jersey providing tax money (a.k.a the money in taxes that my family, friends, and I pay) to that show is a statement of support by all of us.  In fact, the only manner in which to view a group of people paying another for making such a radical statement is that they, which in this case is the collective “we,” agree that we are all stupid, vain “G” words. 

Leaving aside the budget problems that you are attempting to fix, and the lowering of taxes this state desperately needs, you must stop this credit because of this reason alone.  You must stop this payment because many of us are tired of the stereotype, and none of us want to support it.  We want this credit stopped because we will not have our government officials tell us we are stupid and ignorant.  We will not have our government officials call us racial slurs.  We cannot, and will not stand for our hard earned money, being used to put us down.

I condemn those in the EDA who approved such a horrendous thing, and I want to know who I need to donate against, and campaign against in the next election to change this.  I also trust that you, an Italian American, and the representative of the State of New Jersey, will do the right thing and stop this credit.  

I know it is a little  "suck upy" in the beginning, but hey, I like the guy...  Also, maybe there is something to the phrase you catch more bees with honey than vinegar?!

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