Sunday, September 25, 2011

Like a Child Having a Temper Tantrum

I was just in line at Target today and behind me there was this kid throwing a temper tantrum because his mother would not buy him some toy.  It was ever so obnoxious and maddening, with the screams running threw me like nails on a chalkboard. 

My first thought was the obvious, “thank God I do not have any kids.”  The second was rage.  Not at the child who wanted his toy, with no means to get it so resorting to the only manner he knew, but at the mother as how spoiled of a child did you raise?!?  Then at the store and society, as maybe we shouldn’t allow these annoying brats around us, why should my day be ruined by having to put up with this?!

So just as we can’t blame the child for the flailing and crying, can we blame Elizabeth Warren for her remarks when claiming there is a "social contract" demanding that the rich pay more?  As she puts it, without things like public roads and education systems they would not be rich, so it is only just they contribute some more... 

What “social contract” is she crying about?!  She pitifully rants about the horrid job creator who needs to pay more in taxes because apparently our “social contract” states that the creation of those jobs, and the creation of that product that society wants and will buy (maybe a toy for instance), is not good enough!  No, it is not good enough for me and you to be employed, to be able to feed our families, to be able to afford the products these job creators make.  No, they must be robbed some more, in order to pay for a larger share of our grand government expenditures like the loans to Solyndra and her reelection bid.  The rich, whom as Lowry notes obviously are doing something the less fortunate of us are not by coming up with the idea and a product to make money, must now do more and pay for the rest of us to get our toys that we can’t afford without them?!

As I said about the child though who knows no better, I can’t hate her remarks and ramblings, rather I hold contempt for the remarks of her leader, the President.  Whom consistently talks about some ‘fairness’ when it comes to taxation.  As if a system in which the top 5% pay almost 60% of the taxes and just about 50% contribute nothing at all isn’t “fair” enough, we now must soak the job creators for more, because just like the child crying in the store, we know no better and are able to do nothing else?!  We need a parent who will stand up and state the obvious, like duhhh, spending more than 20% of GDP is simply disastrous and unsustainable!  But no, he continuous on his rant about fairness, even though as Krauthammer notes it will likely lead to less jobs and less tax revenue!  

They can afford it, these children cry!  They can afford it more than us, they flail and scream…  When you pick up a newspaper and read of the lost generation not being able to ever get a job, the high unemployment figures or the fears of a double dip, I want to yell that we can no longer afford to over burden the productive members of our society.  We can no longer allow a system to continue, in which it is better to keep money overseas than to bring it back and create jobs.  I do not want these people not to reinvest, because I want a job!  I want my neighbor to have a job!  I want these government “officials” to do the only responsible thing to do, stop the out of control spending and bring it down to 20% of GDP. 

That is why the only true answer is to vote these bums out of office, because it is our own fault for allowing this to continue.  Just as I wish Target would hang up a sign and say “No spoiled crying kids allowed on line,” we need to stop the system that allows these people to kill our economy.  So I will vote, just as I will search in earnest for the store that wants to kick out families. 

Now, once I have kids of my own, I will be the first person picketing outside any store that has the audacity to post such an outrageous sign!  But hopefully, I will only be able to do so on the weekend, as during the week, hopefully, I will be going to work and earn enough money so that I may buy the picket sign, as well as the blow horn I will be screaming into!

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