Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Do This Math Together!

In yet another egregious example of why the US taxpayer should not trust these lowlifes in Washington with our hard earned money, we are able to start adding up our tax dollars going out the window in support of cronies and politicians:  Solyndragate

Why this is a scandal is because our trusted President and his advisors (I hope that you can hear the sarcasm in my voice), clearly sent out a bunch of e-mails saying what a crap investment their 535 million dollar loan would be, and then decided to make it anyway.  Tsk tsk, wag of the finger, ‘how shameful’ cries the press and the republicans (insert more sarcasm here)...  To that I ask a simple question: What, outside of future bad loans, did you really expect from a government loan program?  If these companies were any good why wouldn’t they get loans like the thousands of other reputable companies in the country do…  wait for it…. THE PRIVATE MARKET!  Gasp!

So what am I upset about you ask?!  What makes my blood boil?!  Because I can’t understand why we don’t care about the obvious problem! 

First, as came out early on, the executives and the board of this company donated thousands of dollars to Obama’s presidential bid.  To top it off, the chief investor in the company was a huge Obama campaign bundler (pooling a bunch of “smaller donations” together into “one larger donation”).     Reading between the lines it would appear that part of our 535 million went to pay back those donations. 

Next up is everyone’s favorite!  The lobbyists!  Apparently as if the taxpayer money going to Obama donations wasn’t bad enough, now we can start incorporating the $187K for lobbyists as well.

So here’s the rub to me…  We all expect the kick backs and the ‘you give to me, I will give to your campaign or lobbyist friend.’  Clearly, this is why the outrage is more centered around the fact the White House knew the loan would be a failure.  But although I believe these numbers are only the tip of the iceberg, I want to know why I the tax payer have such a low rate of return on my begrudgingly given campaign/lobby funding?! 

Are you really telling me that I need to spend 535 million dollars to donate hundreds of thousands to people I hate!  What?!  What the heck guys?!  At least give me something for it like a bunch of $600 toiler seats for the pentagon, or…  ummm…  something, anything! Please!

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